Radio Frequency therapy is a mixture of advanced skin technology and frequencies creating amazing results.

The R.F. current pushes energy and heat, safely into the layers of collagen fibroblast cells which alters their structure, so everything in the skin starts to tighten and look smoother.  In turn, facial contouring takes place as the skin becomes restored, improving radiance, product penetration, smoothing and decreasing wrinkles.

After the first treatment there is a definite noticeable improvement and over the course of 8 treatments, the real results appear and continue to improve months later.

This facial includes LED light therapy, using red, blue or green light for 20 minutes at the end of the facial.  This light endorses the effect of R.F. stimulation and is restful and comforting

R.F. facials can also be combined with our existing Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion and CACI treatments.

R.F. Facial   1 1/2 hours          £125

Course of 8                              £875

Can be paid in two instalments

10 December 2022