Waxing Treatments

Body Hair Removal

West Byfleet WaxingOne of the most important treatments for our clients and as a contemporary salon we use the best waxing systems.  We use the original hot wax method made from beeswax.  This is one of the best ways to produce a slower, softer, regrowth with a less irritating effect on the skin.

It is a soft pliable wax that does not give that ‘ouch sting’ effect when removed, unlike the standard strip wax method.  We always use hot wax on your face to ensure a gentle and complete removal of those tiny short hairs.  It is also a brilliant method for strong bikini and under-arm hair.  This way it will soften and retard the hair growth more efficiently.  Try it!

For the warm wax strip method we use Tea Tree Cream wax non sticky and removes hairs brilliantly with virtually no breakage.  This wax is excellent for sensitive skin types - so if you thought you could not have waxing because of bad reactions this might suit you.

We carry out all kinds of waxing including intimate waxing, namely Hollywood and Brazilian. So ring us to book an appointment.

  warm strip wax hot wax
Full Leg+bikini  £38 £48
Full Leg wax      £32 £40
3/4 Leg wax      £22 £28
1/2 Leg wax      £20 £25
Upper Leg wax  £17 £22
1/2 Arm wax     £15 £20
Full Arm wax
(up to & inc over the shoulder)
Under arm wax £14 £18
Bikini wax    £14 £18
G-string wax      £16 £24
Brazilian wax     n/a £30
Hollywood wax  n/a £36
Lip or chin wax   n/a £12
Lip & chin wax    n/a £15


Back wax  from £28 from £35
Chest wax from £28 from £35

Facial Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the very best and most reliable.  Heat cauterisation is the action that kills the hair root.  Applied successfully this treatment is extremely effective, particularly with our care and guidance for the frequency and timing of your course of treatment.  We also use the Blend method which is a ‘blend’ of currents that together help kill off very strong stubborn hairs, a consultation is usually necessary.

10 mins £15
15 mins £20
30 mins £28

To book an appointment for waxing treatments or hair removal in West Byfleet, call us today.