Full Body Treatments

West Byfleet full body treatmentsTreatments can be relaxing or they can be cosmetic for the body, we have a varied selection.

Full body Massage 60 mins £50.  Using the Swedish technique, movements such as kneading promote relaxation and stress relief.

Hot Stone Body Massage 60 mins £58.  This treatment goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage and enters the deeper dimensions of blissful relaxation.

Hot Stone Body & Face Massage 70 mins £70.  Wonderful complete deep relaxation including face and scalp massage.

Aromatherapy Body & Face Treatment 70 mins £55.  A well-being treatment using individually blended essential oils (not pre-blended) offering pure relaxation.

Facial for the Back 45 mins £40.  Improving the texture, dryness and oiliness of the back, a difficult place to reach!  So this is a good treatment if you have acne or just because you want to wear a backless dress.

Sclerotherapy £150 per treatment.  This is a process by which it is possible to remove broken blood vessels, commonly known as thread veins, from legs and body.  These vessels often appear on the surface of the skin as visibly widened, sometimes twisted capillaries.  They appear in a network as fan-like flares or knots that are purple/red in colour and very difficult to conceal.  We would recommend you have treatment during the autumn/winter rather than height of summer.

Skin Tags £60 per treatment.  They appear all over the body at different times of our lives.  The most common places are neck, under arms, groin, waist, cleavage and legs.  These imperfections are easily removed effectively with electrolysis heat cauterisation method.