Facial Treatments - CACI Ultimate & Crystal Clear

West Byfleet facial teatments by Briony GardnerFacial Treatments

If you are new client and you are not sure of the facial you need, we have made that easy for you.  Simply we would give you one of two alternatives, these are both prescriptive treatments, they are the same price and can treat any skin.  The therapist assigned to you will make the decision for you based on your personal concerns.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion (MDA)

This is a versatile facial treatment that can be used on oily, seborrheic, acne skin types and also dry, de-hydrated, mature skins.  In conjunction with MDA you could have the excellent  mini lift mask which helps to improve wrinkle depth and this in turn will smooth and plump.

CACI ULTIMATE - the most advanced face lifting treatment

This ultimate facial uses electrical energy that stimulates and re-educates the muscles to either contract or relax.  Consequently, muscle tone is improved, facial contours are defined and lines and wrinkles are softened and smoothed.

Caci Ultimate Facial Caci Facial £56
course of 10- £504

The CACI Ultimate treatment offers several variations to meet all clients needs since some people might want to concentrate on a firmer jawline while others need extra nourishment and moisture in their skin.

CACI Ultimate Hydratone Facial £70
Course of 10 - £630

CACI Ultimate Jowl Lift Facial £70
Course of 10 - £630


Radio Frequency therapy is a mixture of advanced skin technology and frequencies creating amazing results.

The R.F. current pushes energy and heat, safely into the layers of collagen fibroblast cells which alters their structure, so everything in the skin starts to tighten and look smoother.  In turn, facial contouring takes place as the skin becomes restored, improving radiance, product penetration, smoothing and decreasing wrinkles.

After the first treatment there is a definite noticeable improvement and over the course of 8 treatments, the real results appear and continue to improve months later.

This facial includes LED light therapy, using red, blue or green light for 20 minutes at the end of the facial.  This light endorses the effect of R.F. stimulation and is restful and comforting

R.F. facials can also be combined with our existing Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion and CACI treatments.

R.F. Facial   1 1/2 hours          £125

Course of 8                              £875

Can be paid in two instalments

Crystals are blasted very precisely at the skin surface creating smoother, brighter, more radiant skin.

Perfect for treating oily, congested skin with blocked pores and blackheads.

Excellent for uneven skintone. The skin is buffed and polished so any lines and wrinkles are softened. A course of 6 treatments is advised.

Crystal Clear MDA - 30 mins - £50
Course of 6 - £250

Crystal Clear Deluxe - 1hr - £65
Including smoothing deluxe mask

Super Crystal Clear Treatment - 1 hr - £80
Starts with Glycolic Peel, microdermabrasion adn finished with smoothing deluxe mask


West Byfleet Facial Treatments

For all new facial clients these prescriptive ones are for you:
Gernetic Prescriptive Facial £60.00
Essential Oil Prescriptive Facial £60.00

Gernetic Deluxe Facial £65.00
Deep Cleansing Steam Facial £60.00
Chop Stickl Facial £58.00

We also have a range of Intensive Facials that are for clients who are used to regular facial treatments with us. These includ;

Hydration facial - 1hr 20 mins - £80
Using hydrating serums, exfoliation and peels. MDA, lymph drainage massage with a mask and LEFT light therapy to finish.  

Diamond Peel1 hr - £85.00
This will give your skin instant radiance and luminosity, perfect for brides or anyone who wants to look amazing before an event.

Glycolic Peel1 hr £65.00
Course of 6 - £300, this helps to resurface and brighten, smooth and even out skin tone.
Re-surfaces and smooths, producing an even tone and teture. Your skin will be at it's best after 6 treatments.


For oily problem, mild acne, dull complexions try Deep Cleansing Steam Facial, Crystal Clear, Gernetic acne/problem Facial, or Glycolic Treatment.

For sensitive, red blotchy, and very dry complexions, try Swiss Formula Prescriptive, Luxury Swiss Collagen Facial.

For Mature, dry or dehydrated complexions, try Gernetic prescriptive or Gernetic anti-ageing, Luxury Swiss Collagen.

Special occasions try Crystal Clear Deluxe, Diamond Peel.